Low Carb Hero

The Weight Loss Philosophy Of A Low Carb Hero


Here at we care about people who are genuinely trying to lose weight. As well as offering free low carb recipes from a passionate community of Low Carb Heroes, we’ve also setup this section of the website to help those starting a low carb lifestyle with a unique weight loss philosophy!

Yes, I said ‘Philosophy’. Sounds odd? It really isn’t. The biggest (and hardest) part of turning your life around and becoming healthier involves getting your mind right. We are confident that our 100% free Low Carb Hero philosophy will put you on the road to success! 🙂

This site was started by me, the ‘low carb hero’ and my beautiful wife. We’re not trained nutritionists, we’re just ordinary people who discovered how to be healthy by reading countless books and trying the carousel of flawed diets and fads throughout our lives. We discovered that much of the food industry had been lying to us for years and we discovered the truth about being healthy. We wanted to share all the important information we’ve learned with all of you.

I used to be a big guy. And by big, I mean HUGE. Since starting my new lifestyle, I’ve dropped over 60 pounds and never looked back. It took me years to build this system and it really worked for me. I know you can make it to your goal too!

If you’re ready to join me in becoming a Low Carb Hero, click the link below! 🙂

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