Philosophy Part 4 – Unify Yourself

Low Carb Hero’s Weight Loss Philosophy – Part 4


Unify Yourself


All you need to succeed resides within yourself. Everyone’s heard the phrase “you need to love yourself”. I know I personally used to cringe at those kind of “hippy” expressions in the past so Instead of insulting your intelligence with every day liberal platitudes, I will attempt to explain this section using more concrete examples.

When it comes to food, who’s your worst enemy? … If you are overweight and not yet making positive changes, you would be hard pressed to try and shift that role away from yourself. The likely truth here is that you are in fact your own worst enemy.

This is a situation that you cannot allow to remain unchecked if you are to succeed, because guess what? You’re going to sabotage yourself!

This situation isn’t as odd as it appears to be on the surface. It actually makes sense. For all the times you failed to control the cravings, your sub conscious mind probably blamed your body. After all, you didn’t want to keep feeling ravenous, it was your body triggering off those feelings! Maybe you found yourself starting to hate your own body, avoiding mirrors and finding excuses not to socialise?

The problem is that inner loathing and hate is misplaced, your mind had it all wrong! The sugar is responsible for wreaking havoc in your system and you were responsible for consuming epic levels of carbohydrates without understanding how sugar works. Your body was doing what it logically should do. If your blood sugar is low, that condition usually occurs during times of starvation and your body sends you a signal that you are dangerously low on resources. In turn, this encourages you to eat more sugar-rich foods via cravings. By consuming large quantities of carbohydrates the blood sugar crash can essentially recreate those conditions!

You need to understand what is really happening inside of you if you are to unify your thoughts and actions. You need to consciously make the effort to be on the same team. Team “YOU”.

Now that you know who the real enemy is, you don’t need to blame your body, or yourself for that matter. If you make a mistake, you should learn from it and try again. Every day will be another battle in the war against sugar. It’s ok to lose a battle here and there, but you should ultimately be looking to win the war.

You should be mindful about your body by learning from your mistakes and making an effort to put things right. The amazing thing is your body has always been there for you. It does its absolute best to keep you alive no matter what life (or you) throw at it.

Realise that even though you may feel at odds with your own body, you exist in a co-dependant Eco system. That is why the only logical position is to strive to bring harmony within yourself.

Consider for a moment what we’ve discussed so far. Sugar is so powerful that it has been able to force a wedge between your mind and your body. Knowing this, can you let this stand? Can you accept what this substance has done to you for so long?

Let me ask you again. When it comes to food, who now is your worst enemy? The unified answer from both your body and mind should be “sugar”.

If you have been able to unify yourself against the fight against sugar, your army just got a whole lot bigger. Your body has your back, and you have your body in mind. It’s on!

Happiness is when what you think, what you do and what you say are in harmony.

– Mahatma Gandhi.