Philosophy Part 1 – Be Honest

Low Carb Hero’s Weight Loss Philosophy – Part 1


cropped-Low-Carb-Hero-Icon-Gravitar-1.jpgBe Honest


It starts with truth. Amazingly enough, I never thought that my own lifelong struggle with being overweight would bring me to this realisation but it was literally the first step I had to take. As I present my views you’ll start to see how much truth has been hidden from you and things will suddenly start to make sense.

To find a solution, one must first understand the problem. Objective truth is required to make positive change. If you cannot be honest within yourself, you have already lost.

At the end of every philosophy section, we’ll finish off with a little snippet of wisdom.

The first can be found below in the green box…

When a truth cannot be given complete freedom, freedom is not complete.”

– Vaclav Havel