Philosophy Part 3 – The Blame Game

Low Carb Hero’s Weight Loss Philosophy – Part 3


The Blame Game


“So it’s not my fault, right? It’s those damn carbs! We’ve piled on the pounds because we were never told the truth before, and the media keeps telling us to eat them, and there is a fat acceptance movement now and I should be proud of being overweight, and-“

… And stop it. I have empathy for all the feelings that you may be experiencing (I have likely gone through them all myself in the past) but you’re not on this website because you’re looking for excuses. Im sure you’ve got enough of those already. I’m sorry but Im not going to help you indulge in that kind of talk. I don’t say this to be cruel, I say this to help you in the truest sense. You need to learn how to win, how to succeed, and your excuses are just an invitation for defeat. You don’t need that.

You’re here because you’re fed up of empty promises and you’re searching for a solution that will work. A solution that will turn your life around. Remember, it all starts with truth. The truth doesn’t care about your feelings, the truth just is.

Your blame for outside sources might be somewhat based in reality but the wider truth is that it doesn’t matter. There’s only one person who is responsible, there is only one person who can change things. That person is you.

The second step of breaking your addiction is to uncover another truth. The truth of responsibility. Your future happiness rests on you taking on the responsibility to make the changes needed. It may seem scary at first but if you take it one day at a time, you’ll learn how to conquer your demons. And for every day you do that, you’ll grow stronger and more free.

A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.

– Bob Dylan.